Upgrade Your Property in Tyler, TX

Hire us for your AC unit installation

Whether you can't seem to keep your home cool, or you want to have a large commercial freezer for your restaurant, you'll need help from a professional. Rose City Air can tackle your AC unit installation, freezer installation or any other upgrade for your property. We help property owners in Tyler, TX stay cool and meet the demands of their businesses.

Speak to our owner today about your air conditioner installation. Turnaround time for your installation will depend on supply, but most installations only take a few hours.

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How can we improve your property?

When you need to upgrade any of the major cooling appliances on your property, we're glad to serve you. We complete:

  • Boiler installations
  • Heater installations
  • Air conditioner installations
  • Commercial cooler installations
  • Commercial freezer installations

Our experts will install your new air conditioner, freezer or any other appliance properly. Schedule your AC unit installation services by reaching out today.